Buying the best house in a questionable neighborhood and buying a worse home in the best neighborhood- these are the most debatable question when it comes to buying a house. Which one is a better option? Who does not love a perfect home? However, we have to consider other important aspects like nature of the neighborhood as well while buying a home. Being a social animal, we cannot deny the importance of a good community with regard to our lifestyle, upbringing and so on. It is true that buying the worst house in a good locality doesn't hold an appeal for most homebuyers. Nevertheless, it might be a worthwhile investment.

Better House Or Better Neighbourhood


Benefits of Buying the worst house on the best Neighbourhood


  • The curb appeal, exterior, and interior of the house can be changed, but it is costly, almost prohibit to change the location. The most critical factor in real estate is 'Location.'

  • Once you transform/fixed up your house into an attractive home, the value of the house will eventually go up. The reason is its location.

  • The only thing you need in this regard is 'Money.' You would have to shell out a substantial amount of money to get the house fixed up.

  • Some may call it an eyesore, leaving fewer potential buyers for the home.

  • You can move into an unaffordable neighborhood in the city by buying the worst house.

  • By buying the house in a desirable location ensure your home maintains its value down the road.


When the Best Home is Best

Not everyone considers home to be the path to making money or source of investment. A few of home buyer is very specific about their home design, position, and decor. If you have dreamed of having something unique and special and you have worked very hard to put yourself in a position to buy it, then who am I to tell you otherwise?


There are ways to justify buying the best house in the worst neighborhood.


  • You work hard to buy a home exactly like the one you have found in the questionable neighborhood.

  • This home soothes your body, mind, and soul and lets you soak into the positive vibes of the house.

  • You do not want to compromise with the quality of the home regarding design, size and built-in quality.

  • Having a great house is something that you value.

  • The home offers the amenities and facilities you have prioritized and cannot find anywhere else.


The above-mentioned reasons are something that inspires you to buy the best house in a not-so-good neighborhood.


It does not matter whether your house is best or the worst unless you are not happy with the purchase. It is truly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you find peace and happiness in the worst house in a good neighborhood than that could be the best buy for you, nevertheless, you can do some research to get the basic idea of buying a house by taking some important steps. Make sure to study the local neighborhood before taking the final plunge. Essentially, hiring a good real estate consultant like foresight properties can be the best way to understand the current real estate market scenario.