In India, women are considered as the "Ghar Ki Lakshmi" (the Hindu goddess of wealth for every household). Woman of the house is a key pillar who can transform a brick and mortar house into a 'Home Sweet Home' for every member of the family. Gone are the days when a male member of the family takes the entire decision of the home buying process.


Real estate


The contemporary Indian woman plays a key role in selecting the dream house of the family. Apart from being earning member, she has a complete grasp of the family's financial ability and prospects. Despite this, women are clueless about the terms used in the real estate world. This blog excerpt will highlight the basic terms and jargon used in the real estate industry which will help the women buyer to get insight into the world of real estate.


Real estate is not rocket science. Just a little study and you will be pretty thorough with the terms and jargon.


Carpet Area

The carpet area of a housing unit is the area enclosed within the walls. It is the area which can actually be covered by a carpet. The thickness of the walls is not measured in the carpet area. This area is devoid of common areas such as lobby, lift, stairs and play area.


So before buying your dream house, you must consider the carpet area of the house instead of built-up area. Once you are satisfied with the carpet area, then only make your decision. Focusing on carpet area will help you understand the actual usable area in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. More often than not, the carpet area is 70% of the built-up area.


Built Up Area

Built-up area is the area comprised of carpet area and wall area. Here, the wall area refers to the thickness of the walls but not it's surface. The area constuting the walls is around 20% of the built-up area. It can change the total perspective of the area of the housing unit.


The built-up area also includes other areas mandated by authorities, including balcony. So, the usable area of the house is only 70% of the built-up area. For instance, if the built-up area of a flat is 1000 square feet, it means the usable area is 700 square feet only and 300 square feet is not really usable.


Super Built-Up Area

As the name suggests, the super built-up area is the built-up area in addition to the proportionate share of lobby area, corridors, staircases, lift and other common amenities (clubhouse, children play area). The term super built-up area is deemed to be the best friend of the developers as 90% of them charge you based on the super built-up area which is also called as 'saleable' area. The more the amenities, the higher the super built-up area. It raises the price of the property.



BHK/RK/RHK are the abbreviations predominantly used to relate to Room, Hall and Kitchen. While BHK stands for a housing unit comprising of Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen, RK means Room and Kitchen and RHK is the acronym of Room, Hall and Kitchen. Now, you might be wondering how RHK differ from BHK. It is obvious that common people often get confused with these jargons.


BHK= Bedroom + Hall+ Kitchen

RK= Room + Kitchen

RHK= Room+Hall + Kitchen


In RHK and BHK units, the resident would get a separate living room while RK consists of an only room and kitchen sans living area. RK is suitable for bachelors and young strugglers. RHK and BHK are almost the same with some name variation. RHK is also called as studio apartments in some places in India.


CCP (Covered Car Parking)

Among other nuances of apartment living, one important aspect is parking space. There are several types of parking in residential apartments such as stilt parking, basement parking, parking shed and so on. Stilt parking is also widely called as covered parking. In India, CCP is often used in the real estate market. CCP is an acronym to Covered Car Parking.


It seems you are now pretty through about ins and outs of real estate. Since you got acquainted with the basic terms and jargons of the industry, taking the right step while buying your dream home would no longer be a tough job for you. Still, if you have any doubt or query, you can contact reliable real estate expert of Foresight Properties.