Choosing an ideal place to live is not an easy feat as it may seem. You can not choose a location and start living there. It has many more dynamics involved than just actually just deciding a place to move into. You must consider various things while taking a crucial decision.


Pros and Cons of Living Outside City Limits


It has been noticed on many occasions that most of the home buyers tend to choose cities as their first preference as the cities are well-equipped with modern infrastructure and facilities. However, living in a city has its own disadvantages. For instances, pollution, overcrowded population, congestion, lack of spaces and so on.


So, people looking for a bigger house, open space, cleaner, greener, and calm environment are very likely to opt for homes in outskirts of city or suburban areas. Just like city life, living outside city limits too has its own pros and cons. This blog excerpt will highlight the pros and cons.


Pros of Living in Suburban Area


Low Cost of Living

Rents and cost of properties in suburban areas are lower with regard to skyrocketing property price of the cities. No just property rates, you can witness the lower price of all expenditure as everything right from groceries, vegetable price, education fee to fuel prices are low and affordable.


Serene Environment

The lush greenery and calm breezes of suburban area are enchanting. With a lesser crowd, verdant land, you are not going to experience the hue and cry of busy city life. On top of it, open spaces, playground, and gardens are added advantages for children and senior citizens. Whereas, people living in city grapple with the traffic woes, polluted air and lack of parking spaces.


No Traffic Jams

Driving one-kilometre distance in the city may take 30 to 45 minutes due to traffic chaos whereas, in a suburb area, it will take just a minute or two. Sacrificing a few things to be able to live in a peaceful and clutter-free life might be worth it. Not to mention, the suburban areas tend to have less or very few traffic signal points which reduce your driving time. You will be more relaxed and stress-free on the road.


Low Crime Rate

Compared to big cities or metropolitan cities, the outskirts/ suburban areas have low crime rates and much safer for families. The neighbourhood areas are close-knit, and thus, a close bonding among the neighbours nurtured eventually. They live like a family, and the environment remains peaceful and calm.


Cons of Living in Suburban Area

Living in a suburban area has its own set of drawbacks or shortcomings. Less return to property investment, lack of modern amenities, inadequate transportation facilities and lack of cosmopolitan culture are few of the cons which one may come across while living in life in suburban place.


But, if you are the one who still wishes to live life more peacefully and calmly, far away from the city's hustle bustle and planning to buy your dream home amidst the greenery of suburban place, make sure to do research beforehand.