Vastu is an ancient Hindu cosmic science of architecture, which has widely been practiced in India for better living. Most home buyers in Pune tend to consider vastu compatibility of the house/apartment before buying the dream home. Since each corner of the house reflects energies on the residents, one must ensure that home has been designed as per the laws of Vastu Shashtra. It helps you improve your holistic wellbeing and bring wealth and prosperity.


Vastu Tips for Home Buyers


If you are not fully aware of the vastu laws, you can consult with a professional to get a clear idea about the vastu compatibility of the house you are planning to buy. This article excerpt will highlight a few vastu tips 2019 which you must consider while buying a 1 or 2 BHK flat in Pune. These vastu tips would serve as home buyer guide for many home buying seekers.


You do not necessarily need to be a pro to know whether the basic structure of the house complies to the vastu guidelines or not. Once you know some basic concepts of Vastu, you will understand the vastu of the house by having a quick look at the entrance of the house.



The entrance of a house can bring happiness, positive energy and prosperity if it is placed in the north or northeast direction of the house. Never buy a property whose entrance door/gate is located either in the south or west direction. The door made of teak wood is an added advantage for the resident. If you want to be surrounded by positive energy, the entrance has to be clutter-free and spacious enough.



Besides being a vastu law, proper ventilation is paramount for a healthy lifestyle too. An ideal house has to be open, airy and bright with sunlight. We all know how a close claustrophobic room can lead to breeding germs and bacteria, causing a hazardous condition to the residents of the house.


As per the Vastu law, a house should not share the same wall with another home as it creates mixed energies. A flat with windows and balconies in either north or east is considered to be ideal.



The bedroom of the house should be placed in the southwest direction which brings good health and prosperity for residents and enhances longevity. Before buying a home, you must ensure that the bedrooms are not in the north or east directions as it may cause a health issue. Sleeping direction should always be in south direction.



As the adage goes "Kitchen is the heart of the house," it is applicable in Vastu Shastra as well. The kitchen is the place where negative energies affect the health of the residents. Therefore, you must ensure that the kitchen located in the southeast corner of the house. The direction of a kitchen is governed by fire element "Aagneya" in Vastu Shastra.



Bathrooms should be on the south or west corner of the house. Bathrooms may become sources of negative energy if they are not built as per the guidelines of Vastu. So, it makes sense to follow the rules. The entrance door of the bathrooms can be on the East or North wall. Ventilation in the east, west or north side is a must.


Kid's Room

Besides being cozy and appealing, the kid's room has to be compliant with vastu laws. It should be in the north-east or north-west side of the house. The window of the room should be in the north direction as it would allow ample sunrays that are good for your kid's health.


The guidelines of Vastu Shastra are based on scientific principles and thereby, it should be followed for holistic wellbeing of the family. You can contact leading real estate consultant like Foresight Properties who deal with the properties which are built as per the rules of the vastu.