Once you have found the perfect rented apartment in Pune, ensure to check the rent agreement before entering into a legally binding contract. It is important to take some more time and raise any concerns before taking the final plunge in order to avoid any dispute in the future. If you have never rented before, this kind of thing can seem like a minefield. But, do not be afraid, we have put the things you must need to check prior to entering into the rented house.

A Few Things to Know Before Signing Your Rent Agreement

If you fail to check the rented agreement, you are very likely to get unpleasant surprises like rental hike, repairs/bills once to start living in the house. Settling these things should be your primary concern when signing the agreement.


Before diving deeper into the things, let us know what rental agreement is all about.


What is the Rent Agreement?


A rental agreement is a legal document stating that both owner and tenant agree to follow the rental rules and deals. Both the party must sign in the presence of minimum witnesses to validate the agreement. In general, the witnesses are not-beneficiaries of the property.


What is in the Rent Agreement?


  • Rent tenure

  • Rent amount

  • Security amount

  • Rent payment date

  • Any panel payment if rent is late

  • Facilities for tenant

  • Rent escalation clause

  • Renewal terms after the contract expire


Below are the things you must take into account before signing the rental agreement in Pune.


Read the Rent Agreement Carefully

More often than not, tenants either do not read the whole rent agreement carefully or unable to understand the legal language used in the document. Most of the time, the tenant simply read the document to decipher the meaning of the statutory term. It is indeed not wise to blindly sign the document without understanding the terms. It makes sense to consult a lawyer whenever you fail to interpret the legal terms.


Ensure to Check the Landlord Details

When you check details of the landlord, it does not mean checking his background; instead, it is essential to check the details on the document before signing the agreement. You must ensure to verify that the person with you is the real landlord of the house. There are instances where landlord hand over the property to a caretaker and he further rent out the property to the third party. So, it is necessary to verify the details of the landlord.


Besides these, landlords must tell the tenants about the overhead charges in written form. The terms should not be confined to verbal conversation. The overhead expenses such as maintenance charge, utility bills and so on, should be transparently mentioned in the legal document. The tenants must check these things once. Also, make sure to check the damage/repair costs in the rental agreement. This is of utmost importance as this may cost you dearly if any major damages are seen while vacating the property.